Castle Hill Graffiti Park

Castle Hill Graffiti Park

There are a collection of photos to the right. These photos are of the graffiti from the Castle Hill area of Austin and do not currently have individual posts.I have been unable to create coherent metadata for these works because of the overlapping nature of the graffiti.

I have been struggling to answer the following questions in this blog:

  • How do I fill out description?
  • How would you describe these things?
  • Do I describe multiple “works” within one shot? Or should each “work” be it’s own entry?
  • Do I describe in terms of the photograph or the work itself?
  • How do you define where each work starts and another ends?
  • Do I consider one tagging as a work?
  • Where is the line between tagging and graffiti?
  • Murals vs. Graffiti?

I have over photos from this location and will slowly start uploading them as individual posts, once I have determined the answers to some of these questions.







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